Constraint programming in my own understanding

What’s this about?

I’ve recently had the opportunity to use constraint programming in a project for work, to create a ‘scheduler’ function that can help generate schedules for people and is flexible enough to be easily extended/modified in the future.

Instead of solving problems in a ‘bottom-up’ approach, we’re solving in a ‘top-down’ fashion, and it’s pretty mind boggling to start with.

Top-down vs Bottom-up

First of all, my definition of what top-down and bottom-up is different from the correct, official definition of what it is, in terms of computer science and programming. What I define by a ‘top-down’ approach in this case means to start…

How I built my custom skill-tree with for my portfolio website

What I got out of it at the end


I have a portfolio website that I use basically as a dynamic resume, to showcase my technical abilities and accomplishments. I built it using Gridsome which is written in Vue, and using Buefy as the main component library simply because I just wanted to try out Vue and whatever frameworks are out there. One of the sections in the page is a ‘Key Skills’ section where I list the technical skills that I feel I’m most comfortable with and where most companies would look out for.

Becoming a pro at table tennis through VR

At my co-working space, there’s a ping pong table that the community can use and me and my co-workers occasionally would play ping-pong after (or during) work. I was always quite bad at it, and never really knew how to learn it properly or how to improve my game.

How I got my hands wet into hobbyist game development as a web developer.

After graduating from university, I’ve been doing web development primarily for a while now and I was thinking of trying out something new, and of a different domain. Web development has become too comfortable for me and I felt it’s time I stretch my brain noodles again with something fresh.

Why game development

When playing games, I sometimes like to think of how the game is implemented technically by thinking in the game developer’s shoes. …

Hello, I’m Ze Xuan, a year 4 computer engineering undergraduate currently studying at the National University of Singapore. During December of 2018, me and 3 other good friends of mine took part in the NUS Makerthon competition, which is themed around giving ‘superpowers’ to children with cerebral palsy or other disabilities. This is me documenting the designing, technical development process of Gestice League.

Final prototype showcase.

The idea we had for Gestice League is to resolve the pain point for the children of existing gesture-based wearables, which requires users to learn and perform the specific gestures in order to use them. Instead of…

Ze Xuan

It’s all API calls.

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